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Why we need to learn?

Human beings have been equipped with all the systems they need within this extraordinary environment. The more details that we learn about the body, the more we realize how miraculous our lives are. As they discover the systems concealed inside their bodies, many people- -who would otherwise live without reflection, caught up in the daily course of their lives--will reflect on the purpose behind their existence and become aware of their responsibilities to Allah, their Creator.
 Indeed, various scientists have acquired faith in the existence of Allah by seeing the greatness of His knowledge and the perfections He has created. But some of them continue to refuse to see that they live in need of Allah, even though their consciences may tell them otherwise. Yet their refusal to admit the truth will not alter the facts. Allah reveals some people's approach in the Qur'an: 
Do not mix up truth with falsehood and knowingly hide the truth. (Su- rat al-Baqara, 42) O Humanity! You are t…

I’m Startled!

Assalam J Lama blog ni di biar sepi. Bukan tak mahu, tapi tak de input berguna yang mahu dikongsi.
How you control your addiction to FB? *tibe.
Lagi-lagi time bulan ramadhan ni? Say not just fb but also tweeter, youtube and etc. Soalan ni buat aku terfikir. Ape salah fb? Ape salah tweeter?
Then, dia kata “Islam has nothing to do with fb or tweeter and so on”
Then lagi, dia kata ‘ Jangan jadi muslim murahan’
:O  lagila aku startled! Murahan macam mane?
Jangan jadi muslim murahan yang menolak semua social media dan sebagainya, use it for good deed, use it to do "da’wah”
Ramai yang sceptical dengan jargon ‘da’wah’. Even buat sekecil-kecil bende macam tolong buang ranting kayu yang menghalang lalu lintas manusia pun sebenarnya dah dikira da’wah.
Back to the topic, untuk control addiction to fb ni banyak caranya, tapi terpulanglah pada kita nak buat yang mana satu. Some said, recite Qur’an. Ni bende paling basic la yang semua orang boleh jawab dengan cemerlang la kalau di tanya. T…